Ari Kytsya Biography, Real Name, Age, Family Life, Affairs, Net Worth (2024)

Ari Kytsya, also known as Ariel Danyluk, is a renowned social media influencer born on March 7, 2001, in Seattle, Washington, United States. With a focus on fashion, swimwear, makeup, and transition videos, Ari has amassed millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok. Her captivating content, characterized by stunning visuals and creative storytelling, has earned millions of followers.

Know Quick Facts About Ari Kytsya

Real NameAriel Danyluk
Nick NameAri Kytsya
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Date of BirthMarch 7, 2001
Age as of 202422 year old
Place of BirthSeattle, Washington
Debut Year2016
Start Age of Career14 year old
Active Year2016- Present
Global Rank14267
User Rating8.39

Who is Ari Kytsya?

Ari Kytsya, also known by her birth name Ariel Danyluk, has emerged as a prominent figure in social media, captivating audiences worldwide with her dynamic presence on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. She was born on March 7, 2001, in the vibrant Seattle, Washington, United States. Ari’s journey to stardom has been characterized by her innate talent, relentless determination, and an unwavering passion for creativity.

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With an eye for fashion and a penchant for experimentation, Ari has carved a niche in the digital landscape, captivating her audience with stunning fashion and swimwear photos showcasing her impeccable sense of style and flair. However, Ari’s prowess in makeup and transition videos has truly set her apart as a social media sensation.

Whether showcasing the latest makeup trends or orchestrating seamless transitions that leave viewers spellbound, Ari’s content is as engaging as it is visually stunning.

Through her hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to her craft, Ari has amassed a devoted following on both Instagram and TikTok, with millions of fans eagerly awaiting her latest posts and updates.

Ari Kytsya Rating and Ranking

Despite her meteoric rise to fame, Ari remains grounded and humble, grateful for the support of her fans and the opportunities that have come her way. With a user rating of 8.39 out of 10 and a current rank of #14267, Ari’s influence and impact continue to grow as she inspires countless individuals to embrace their creativity, express themselves boldly, and pursue their passions with unwavering determination.

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Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Ari Kytsya’s journey to becoming a prominent social media influencer began in her hometown. Growing up in Seattle, Ari developed a keen interest in fashion and makeup from a young age, fueling her creativity and passion for self-expression. However, with dreams of pursuing a career in the dynamic world of social media, she later relocated to Los Angeles.

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It is believed that Ari completed her high school education at a local school in Seattle, where she undoubtedly left a lasting impression with her creativity and drive. Later, she pursued higher education at a local university in America, further expanding her knowledge and skill set while staying true to her passion for fashion and makeup.

Her Family

The loving guidance of her parents shaped Ari Kytsya’s upbringing in Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. Danyluk, whose names she has chosen to keep private. Alongside her four sisters, Ari experienced a nurturing and supportive family environment that fostered her passions and talents.

Notably, Ari shared a special bond with her sister Faye Danyluk, with whom she cultivated a love for performing and singing. For over a decade, Ari and Faye have harmonized their voices and collaborated on musical endeavors, creating a bond strengthened by their shared creative pursuits and shared love for music.

Ari Kytsya Relationship Status

According to sources, Ari Kytsya is currently romantically involved with Emiliano M De Contreras, a fellow social media personality known for his comedic, dance, and lip-sync content on TikTok, where he boasts a fanbase of over 950,000 followers.

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Additionally, Emiliano shares glimpses of his life through selfies and lifestyle photos on his Instagram account, where he has accumulated over 50,000 followers. Born on April 28, 2000, in the United States, Emiliano and Ari began their relationship in 2020.

Her Professional Career

Ari embarked on her social media journey in 2016 with an Instagram post capturing her adventurous spirit at Idaho’s Craters of the Moon National Monument. Since then, she has maintained a consistent presence on the platform, delighting fans with her fashion, swimwear, and lifestyle content.

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Ari’s collaborations with renowned brands like Boutine Los Angeles, Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Things have further elevated her profile. At the same time, her professional representation by the Angel Agency ensures strategic career management and partnership opportunities.

What is Ari Kytsya’s Net Worth?

As per Ari Kytsya’s Wikipedia, her estimated net worth is around 1 million dollars. She earns most of her revenue through her social media accounts, especially Instagram and TikTok, where she engages in brand collaborations, paid partnerships, and sponsorships. Besides she also earns by releasing songs on platforms like Spotify.

Her Social Media Influence

Ari Kytsya commands a significant social media presence, captivating audiences with her stunning fashion, adventurous lifestyle, and creative content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. She has become a sought-after influencer with millions of followers, collaborating with top brands and showcasing her talents as a singer and songwriter, solidifying her status as a multifaceted digital sensation.

  • Instagram (@arikytsya): Ari Kytsya has 1 million followers on her Instagram account, where she shares her stunning bikini pictures.
  • TikTok (@arikytsya): Ari has 2.1 million followers on her TikTok account. She is famous on TikTok for posting her makeup, transition, and lip-sync videos.

Some Fascinating Facts About Ari Kytsya

  • Ari Kytsya shares a mix of American and Canadian nationality and Caucasian ethnicity.
  • Her zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • Ari and her boyfriend Emiliano often post cute photos and videos together on their Instagram account.
  • Ari is also a singer and songwriter. She can be found on popular platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud, where she has released various singles and covers. Notable tracks include “Lose You,” “I’m Sorry,” and “Don’t Let Me Go.”


Q1. What is Ari Kytsya’s background?

Ari was reared in Seattle, Washington, and learned to love fashion and beauty early on. She relocated to LA for social media work. Ari graduated from Seattle High School and attended a local American university.

Q2. How many members are in Ari Kytsya’s family?

Ari Kytsya was raised in Seattle with love by Mr. and Mrs. Danyluk and her four sisters. She is close to her sister Faye Danyluk, with whom she sings.

Q3. Who is Ari Kytsya’s boyfriend?

Ari Kytsya is dating TikTok star Emiliano M De Contreras. Their relationship started in 2020.

Q4. How did Ari Kytsya start her social media career?

She began social media in 2016 with an Instagram post about her adventures. She consistently works with Boutine Los Angeles, Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Things.

Q5. What is Ari Kytsya’s social media influence?

Her Instagram and TikTok accounts have 1 million and 2.1 million followers, respectively. Her amazing wardrobe, adventurous lifestyle, and unique material make her a sought-after influencer.

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Ari Kytsya Biography, Real Name, Age, Family Life, Affairs, Net Worth (2024)
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