Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (2024)

An email client will allow you to organize, access, and manage emails on your computer. If you use a Windows 11 computer, there are quite a few to choose from, and it may be hard to pick a specific email client. In this guide, we aim to make the decision-making process simpler for you.

Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (1)

We have explored many options and have created a list of eight email clients that should work perfectly for most Windows 11 users. To do so, we’ve considered factors such as ease of use and functionality. Let us get right to them.

1. Microsoft Outlook – 5 Star Rating

Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (2)

Microsoft Outlook may be the best email client to use on a Windows 11 device as far as compatibility and integration with the operating system are concerned. This is not a surprise since Windows and Outlook are both Microsoft products.

It comprises a clean layout with good search features. It is also customizable to a certain degree. However, because of its extensive features, it may offer a steep learning curve to a first-time user.

We love its feature list, as it seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft 365 suite and offers calendar and task functionality and advanced automation. You may create appointments and configure time slots with this tool.

You get two-factor authentication, strong encryption, and Microsoft’s security infrastructure on Microsoft Outlook.


There is a free version and a paid version available from the Microsoft Store. Moreover, there is a bundled version available with Microsoft 365 that has different payment plans.

  • Microsoft 365 Family – $99.99/year
  • Microsoft 365 Personal – $69.99/year

Alternatively, you may get a complete Standalone version for $159.99.

What We Like

  • Offers robust offline access
  • Wide use, especially in large organizations
  • Offers support for multiple accounts
  • Provides templates for increased productivity

What We Don’t Like

  • Microsoft collects user data, which may raise privacy concerns
  • You may need a paid subscription for advanced features

Download Free / Download Stand Alone / Microsoft 365

2. Thunderbird – 5 Star Rating

Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (3)

If you are looking for an open-source email client for Windows 11, Thunderbird is one to consider. For one, it allows you to manage multiple accounts from different providers. Additionally, it is quite easy to set up, too.

Thunderbird’s UI deserves a mention, too, and the app offers a clean and smooth user interface that lets users seamlessly switch between views. Tabbed browsing is another nifty addition, that allows you to easily switch between email folders and accounts, eliminating the need to constantly go back and forth between your inbox and a single email. You also will be able to personalize the look using a variety of themes.

With an address book and calendar integration, you will seamlessly manage schedules and contacts. You will also profit from its advanced search filtering, which allows you to search for specific emails granularly.

Additionally, you will enjoy solid email encryption using OpenPGP, S/MIME, or TLS/SSL. One of the top features is offline access, ensuring you can work remotely.



What We Like

  • Several account & identity management
  • Extensive customization options
  • Advanced search and filtering options
  • Strong encryption without user data collection

What We Don’t Like

  • Steep learning curve for first-timers
  • Less automation compared to business clients


3. Mailbird – 4.5 Star Rating

Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (4)

If you’re looking for an email client that has a modern appearance and is easy to navigate, even for beginners, you might want to consider Mailbird. It has a strong search feature that provides quick results and offers multiple views, allowing you to switch between conversation and list view.

We love that it offers drag-and-drop functionality. You may organize emails by dragging and dropping them into new folders.

This email client boasts many integrations that help it extend its capabilities, paving the way for more robust email and app management. It has a ton of integrated apps, including a built-in calendar and task management tool. It even offers chat integrations for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, thereby allowing you to reach all your contacts from one place.

Mailbird employs HTTPS and other protocols for protecting data in transmission. You may even add a second layer of security using 2FA.


This email client comes in three pricing packages:

  • Free
  • Standard: Pay Once – $49.50 / user or Yearly – $2.28 / user/month
  • Premium: Pay Once – $99.75 / user or Yearly – $4.03 / user/month

What We Like

  • Has an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Allows multiple accounts in your mailbox
  • Gives a robust list of app integrations
  • Includes essential features in a free version

What We Don’t Like

  • Automation is limited compared to rivals like Outlook
  • It does not offer offline access
  • It is closed-source and may raise some privacy concerns


4. Spark Mail – 4.5 Star Rating

Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (5)

Spark Mail is reimagining the tools needed to prioritize and manage your inbox. It offers a unified inbox for managing several email accounts. You will be able to use natural language search to filter emails.

The organization is top-notch as it lumps non-priority emails in separate folders and highlights priority senders so that you may easily identify them.

You can easily block unwanted senders, mute irrelevant email threads, set timers for emails to return to the inbox and more.

It allows you to secure your account using two-factor authentication. You may use standard protocols like IMAP and SMTP to access and send mail. Communication is encrypted, but you must note that emails are not encrypted in transit or otherwise.


It offers monthly and yearly payment options as follows:

  • Monthly option: $7.99/month – $95.88 per year
  • Yearly option: $4.99/month – $59.99 per year

What We Like

  • Perfect customization with keyboard shortcuts
  • Robust Gmail and IMAP/SMTP support
  • Advanced email filtering options with scheduled emails

What We Don’t Like

  • The new UI may be complex to navigate


5. Spike – 4.5 Star Rating

Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (6)

Spike is a Windows email client that lets users see emails in a conversational, chat-like fashion.

One feature that stands out is its AI assistant for emails, notes, brainstorming, replies, and tasks. It saves you time and helps you generate flawless emails that suit the context. You will be able to access several email accounts in a unified feed, too, which is great.

Data is protected using HTTPS, and your messages are encrypted using AES-256 encryption. Like many other clients on our list, Spike guarantees your information will not be sold.


It comes with three pricing plans:

  • Free Starter plan
  • Team plan – $4 per member/month billed annually
  • Business – $8 per member/month billed annually

What We Like

  • Sleek and modern interface
  • AI-powered email writer
  • Robust conversation threading

What We Don’t Like

  • No offline access
  • Limited customization options


6. Twobird – 4 Star Rating

Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (7)

Designed with a specific goal in mind, Twobird approaches email management somewhat differentlythan the other clients on our list. The software creates an agenda for you by transforming your inbox into a to-do list where notes, calendar events, and messages are shown side by side. Currently, the service supports accounts from Google and Microsoft. However, this may change soon.

Twobird organizesincoming mail so that critical items appear as to-do itemsin your inbox. Everything else is placed in Low Priority, which you canmoveto your primary inbox. The layout is simple buthas all the necessary features: a search option to locate threads quickly, a neat list of labels andfunctions in the sidebar, and buttons for writing mail and adding new notes.

For permission and authentication, Twobird leverages the Open Authentication (Oauth) standard. It lacks a password-protected account system. Thus, the same security measures safeguarding your Google account also secure your Twobird account.

Pricing: Free

What We Like

  • Has well integrated calendar and note-taking functions
  • Offers connection for multiple email accounts
  • Greate email priority sorting

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited third-party support
  • Steep learning curve for first-timers


7. eM Client – 4 Star Rating

Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (8)

The sleek, user-friendly interface of eM Client makes it enjoyable to use. You gain access to more than a dozen themes and may personalize almost every element of the user interface to make it uniquely yours.

Contact information, previous discussions, your agenda, calendar, and any pending invites are all shown in the convenient sidebar. It is also possible to move and delete these things.

Additionally, eM Client facilitates chat interaction with XMPP/Jabber, video meeting connectors with Webex, Microsoft Teams,Zoom, and cloud attachment hosting with services like Google Drive,Dropbox, andOneDrive. In transit, eM Client uses TLS/SSL and supports STARTTLS (StartTLS).


This Windows email client offers the following pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Pro – $29.95 per device (One-time payment)
  • Business Pro – $143.95 per device (One-time payment)

What We Like

  • Robust customization options
  • Extensive productivity features
  • Great integration for video chat, Google Talk, and cloud storage

What We Don’t Like

  • The initial setup is lengthy


8. Canary Mail – 3.5 Star Rating

Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (9)

Some email clients have robust AI backing. Canary Mail is a good example and the app uses artificial intelligence features from Hugging Face’s open-source language models and OpenAI & Cohere’s technologies.

The interface is clean and modern. It is also very intuitive, allowing users to navigate easily. You get a unified view of emails regardless of the account they belong to. We love the smart prioritization option that lets you see the top-priority emails first. It also has a bulk cleaner tool that lets you delete multiple emails simultaneously. This tool supports robust email scheduling as well.

As far as security is concerned, the client uses end-to-end encryption to protect your emails and also does not collect your personal data.


It offers three pricing options:

  • Free
  • Pro: $49 per year
  • Enterprise: $100 per user per year

What We Like

  • An efficient AI reply writer
  • Expansive support for email services
  • Robust email encryptions

What We Don’t Like

  • Very basic calendar functionality


What to Consider Before Choosing an Email Client

Safe to say, there are a handful of email clients on the market. As such, choosing a service may seem like a daunting task. That said, by focusing on some key criteria, you may be able to choose one that is perfect for your needs. Below, we explore three of the most important elements to consider when selecting an email client.

1. User Interface

For most people, the email client is a daily digital companion. Since it has become one of your most used apps, there must be an emphasis on its interface and ease of use.

It would be best to look for a tool with an intuitive interface. This will make getting acquainted with it and mastering its functionalities a breeze. A drag-and-drop layout may be beneficial. You may prioritize a tool with easy customization and filtering features.

2. Features

The feature set would depend on the scale of work you need it for. You may need a tool that integrates with several applications, or you may be fine with one that works only for Gmail or Microsoft emails.

A great feature to look out for is cross-platform compatibility. This is because you may need it on your mobile devices. There are several features to look out for, but you must be guided by what you consider the most important based on your needs.

3. Security

Today, security is of utmost importance. First and foremost, you may want to prioritize a service that will not hand over your private data to a third party. You may want to consider using open-source tools since their source code is transparent, allowing you to know how data is used and where it goes.

You also want to consider elements like encryption styles as these guarantee how secure the messages sent over the app may be.

Enjoying A Fluid Emailing Experience

You will have the best experience if you have chosen the ideal tool for your needs. In this guide, we have introduced you to what, in our expert opinion, are the best email clients for Windows 11.

Please leave us a note in the comments below, telling us your experience with any of the solutions we explored.

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Best 8 Email Clients for Windows 11 (2024)


What is the best free email client for Windows 11? ›

The Best Email Clients for Windows 11
  1. Spike. ...
  2. Thunderbird. ...
  3. Outlook for Microsoft 365. ...
  4. Mailbird. ...
  5. eM Client for Windows. ...
  6. Kiwi for Gmail. ...
  7. 7. Mail and Calendar for Windows 11.
Mar 7, 2024

What is the best email client for multiple users? ›

9 great tools for creating a shared email account
  • Outlook Shared Mailbox. ...
  • Google Collaborative Inbox. ...
  • Front. ...
  • Hiver. ...
  • Sortd. ...
  • Helpwise. Best shared email account tool for social media messaging. ...
  • Kayako. Best shared email account tool for social media support. ...
  • ClientFlow. Best shared inbox for project management.
5 days ago

Does Windows 11 have an email client? ›

A default app that comes with Windows 11 is Mail. This is an easy way to access multiple email accounts in one place instead of browser hopping from one page to the next. In order to use it, you have to connect the email addresses you want your mail to show from to the app.

What is the number one email client? ›

As you can see from this data, Apple Mail and Gmail lead other email clients by a longshot. In fact, Gmail just announced they have surpassed 1.5 billion users on their platform.

Is Thunderbird better than Outlook? ›

Thunderbird comes with add-ons whereas Outlook comes with in-built integrations to improve functionality. Outlook has robust customer support with live chat and calling facility, whereas Thunderbird's customer support is a forum site without any live chat support.

Is there a better email app than Gmail? ›

ProtonMail is by far the best free email app for Android when it comes to security features. Unlike virtually any other best Android email app, ProtonMail uses both end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption to protect your messages.

Is there a better email client than Thunderbird? ›

Looking for alternatives or competitors to Thunderbird? Other important factors to consider when researching alternatives to Thunderbird include functionality and emails. The best overall Thunderbird alternative is Front. Other similar apps like Thunderbird are Mailbird, BlueMail, Microsoft Outlook, and Spike.

Is there a better email program than Outlook? ›


Mozilla's Thunderbird is an email client worth considering as an alternative to Outlook and paid-for programs. As you'd expect from the people who brought you the Firebox browser, Thunderbird is a well-developed piece of software. It's free to download and installation is easy.

What is the best email platform for multiple emails? ›

Mailbird is one of the best apps for multiple email accounts. It's a desktop-based email client that integrates with a multitude of other apps, including social media platforms, task management apps, and messaging services. It offers a unified inbox to manage all your emails in one place.

Is Microsoft discontinuing Outlook? ›

Beginning in 2024, new Windows 11 devices will be shipped with the new Outlook for Windows as the default mailbox application free for all to use. The Mail and Calendar applications will continue to be available via download in the Microsoft Store through December 31, 2024.

What is the new email app for Windows 11? ›

Windows 11 is forcing users to upgrade Mail app to new Outlook client which comes with a nasty addition – adverts. Windows 11 and Windows 10 users are being forced to upgrade to a new version of Microsoft's built-in email app, with the Mail app becoming Outlook.

Is Thunderbird still a good email client? ›

Thunderbird is a great management system for emails, it is easy to use, and represent a great alternative for any company looking to reduce in terms of licenses. Thunderbird is excellent desktop client for users that require advanced control over their email.

Should I use Gmail or Outlook? ›

Outlook is a natural choice if you use other Microsoft products like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. But if you're more comfortable with the Google counterparts, Gmail will be a better option. Add a personalized touch to your emails with an email signature.

What are the top three email providers? ›

Here's a quick summary of all the email providers that we've talked about above.
Email ProviderBest forG2 Rating
GmailOverall communication4.5/5
OutlookBusiness Integration4.4/5
Yahoo MailUser-Friendly interface4.2/5
NeoAdvanced security features4.3/5
5 more rows

What's the best free email client? ›

Best Free Email Client 2024
  • Mailbird (Windows)
  • Thunderbird (Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD)
  • Postbox (Windows and macOS)
  • eM Client (Windows and macOS)
  • Mailspring (Windows, macOS, and Linux)
  • Airmail (macOS and iOS)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Windows and macOS)
May 31, 2024

Is there a free version of Outlook for Windows 11? ›

Beginning in 2024, new Windows 11 devices will be shipped with the new Outlook for Windows as the default mailbox application free for all to use. The Mail and Calendar applications will continue to be available via download in the Microsoft Store through December 31, 2024.

Does Microsoft have a free email client? ›

Creating a free email account with Microsoft Outlook is a cinch. Microsoft's powerful email client is intuitive, secure, easily organizable, and connected to other Microsoft 365 apps. Best of all: It's free.

Is Windows 11 Mail app any good? ›

I am one of the few people who genuinely enjoys the current built-in Mail & Calendar apps on Windows 10 and Windows 11. I think they look great, function well enough, and have (historically) been quite reliable. They're lightweight, fast, and compatible with almost any email service you can throw at it.

Do I need a Microsoft email for Windows 11? ›

Windows 11 Home requires you to sign in with a Microsoft account during initial setup. Beginning with version 22H2, so does Windows 11 Pro when you choose the option to set it up for personal use. You can work around this restriction by entering the address as your Microsoft account.

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