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Pick the best attunements out there!

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Deepwoken: Best Attunement Tier List - Item Level Gaming (2)

When it comes to RPGs or games with RPG mechanics there usually are a lot of builds you can go for. This is especially true with multiplayer ones since it’s going to be boring if hundreds of people only have two builds to work with.

In Deepwoken, there are a lot of builds that you can make and one of the things you’ll need to consider is your Attunement. Investing in different attunements can give you some strong mantras to use in fights, but which ones are the best?

In this guide, we’ll show you what are the best Attunements you can get in Deepwoken. We’ll go through all of them and list them all in a tier list for easy viewing! Now, let’s see what the best ones are!

Best Attunement Tier List

There are a lot of different attunements that you can get in the game that work well with different builds and mantras. There’s not a bad attunement that people should since all of them are viable but some are just better than others. Here are all of the best attainments you can get in a tier list!

SIDE NOTE: Want to try these attunements in PVP? Here’s a guide on how to master PVP to help you out!

Deepwoken: Best Attunement Tier List - Item Level Gaming (3)

S – Tier

  • Attunement-less – That’s right, in a tier list for Attunements the best is to not have attunements at all. That’s because it gives you so many points to put on anything else in the game from mantras to cards. You can have really powerful M1 attacks with weapons especially with the new weapons.
  • Scrapsinger – Great talents and damage reduction with amazing damage. It has multiple guard break moves as well as great range. It’s a better Ironsing.
  • Ironsing – Widely regarded as the strongest attunement in the game with incredible damaging mantras. It has great moves that can guardbreak like Metal Slam and talents can increase your range.
  • Flamecharm – If you do want to attune to something the best one is the Flamecharm. You can get some great free damage to your enemies, especially with the blazing enchant. Fireblade is one of the best guardbreak moves in the game and you can get it with Flamecharm.

A – Tier

  • Specter Path – An amazing attunement that can do great combos along with strong chip damage. You lose Suffocate but it’s not much of a loss compared to how great your other mantras are.
  • Surgepath – The abilities this attunement can give you have great debuffs. It can increase the mantra cooldowns of enemies and it has some guard break options to boot. It’s also easy to start combos with since it can teleport to an opponent.
  • Frostdraw – This also known as ice, is rarely used these days despite being one of the best in the early days of the game. It still has some great guard breaks and strong moves but you’ll have to watch out for getting parried. It works best with specific builds like fist builds.
  • Shadowcast – This attunement has some great guard breaks and can do some great combos like with Rising Shadow.

B – Tier

  • Crystal Path – This attunement only works with a Gran Sudaruska build since each M1 applies a crystal. Along with Eruption, it can work but it’s not as great compared to Frostdraw.
  • Galebreath – An attunement that got weaker as new stuff was added. It’s overshadowed by the specter path. It’s still a viable attunement but there are better picks in the game.
  • Thundercall – Another attunement that got weaker with patches. Still a good set of skills but you’re better off going with Surge.
  • Black Flames – Not that great in terms of damage but can be helped a bit with flame wisp. It’s still a viable attunement with the right skill but there are better choices.

C – Tier

  • Lava Serpent – Amazing talents that can knock back your enemies when you guard break. The abilities can be parried or avoided so the damage can be lacking. Not to mention the explosion ragdolls enemies making it hard to do combos.

Those are all of the attunements, and which are the best ones in Deepwoken. Now, go out there and try the best ones yourself! If you haven’t found the Diluvian in the game yet, then check out our guide on where to find the Diluvian Mechanism!


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Deepwoken: Best Attunement Tier List - Item Level Gaming (2024)


What is the best attunement weapon in Deepwoken? ›

A very good attunement. Ice daggers + frozen pincushion is one of the best mantras in the game, ice lance is phenomenal and many of the other moves are great.

Is no attunement good deepwoken? ›

Although Attunement-less sounds horrible on paper, it is, in reality, just as viable and completely usable as having an Attunement.

What do attunements do in Deepwoken? ›

Attunements are forms of magic that the player can choose on Character Creation or obtain in the game through Trainers. IMPORTANT NOTE: For those learning about Shrine of Order, Attunements do not average-out in the same way that other attributes do in Shrine of Order.

How do you unlock more attunements in deepwoken? ›

Attunement Potions are the only way to obtain and permanently unlock further Attunements in Character Creation. Upon drinking one, you will take a small amount of elemental damage (changing depending on the Attunement and Path) and be ragdolled for a moment.

Is frostdraw a good attunement? ›

Frostdraw is slightly slower compared other attunements, but still offers offensive options that are relatively quick and cunning. This translates to the fact that the Attunement would fit well to people who have a defensive approach to combat.

What is the strongest AXE in Deepwoken? ›

Enforcer's Axe is considered one of the best Greataxes in Deepwoken. Usually considered the best Enforcer weapon variant compared to its Blade and Hammer variants, due to it having no endlag and higher damage.

What can get you banned in Deepwoken? ›

Usage of derogative words, such as slurs, aimed at another wiki member(s) or organization(s). Repeated posts / messages over a short time, and unnecessarily long comments. Using templates improperly across the Wiki. Posting in Discussions under the wrong category.

Is one handed better than two handed Deepwoken? ›

Two hand makes it to where you do more damage, but your posture bar fills up faster. One hand does slightly less damage, but does less posture bar damage.

Does age affect anything in Deepwoken? ›

Effects of aging

Moon Rings stop your character from changing visually, but they will still age. If you are significantly older than another player of the same race then they get the "Juvenile" or "Nephew" title over their name like it would for a family member and you get "Elder" above yours for them.

What's hyper armor deepwoken? ›

Hyperarmor. Make your attacks uninterruptible and become immune to every form of stun. Signified by your character turning red. Can be applied with the critical attack of most heavy weapons, Brace and many more.

How much HP does a corrupted bone keeper have? ›

Bone Keepers used to heal at a rate of 20 HP per second (60 HP when Corrupted). This made them extremely tedious to defeat at times, locking out lower DPS builds from fighting them. After being made to fight it with Jus Karita and no equipment, which resulted in 70+ deaths, developer ragoozer had it removed.

How to get void attunement? ›

Void Attunement Required: After the second encounter when you go through the portal and enter the room with the Hive runes and all the doors, do not enter any of the green portals. The Void card is behind these doors, along the edge of the back of the room.

How to get light attunement? ›

Unfortunately, attunement isn't available immediately—you'll first need to unlock it for each weapon in turn. To do so, first start working through the introductory Feats of Bravery quest given out by Shaxx. As part of that quest, you'll be instructed to pick up and complete the Stranger Danger quest from Arcite 99-40.

How many attunements can you have? ›

First, players need to make sure they have an open attunement slot in their inventory. All players begin the game with three attunement slots, which means that, unless they have some special feat or ability, they can generally only attune to three items at once.

Are Deepwoken upgrades permanent? ›

Deepwoken has a permadeath system and some aspects of resource management. It features a "hack-and-slash" combat system. It also has carry-over progression in the form of Echos, which are used to buy permanent upgrades for future characters.

What is a good starting weapon in Deepwoken? ›

Best starting weapon? Necroposting AF but for anyone else who comes here, the basic sword is easily the best DPS wise. The greataxe only does 2 more damage than the sword and has far, far less swing speed.

What is the highest power in Deepwoken? ›

It's recommended to use your points as much as you can before reaching the cap, of Power 20.

What is the highest health in Deepwoken? ›

The player's max Health Points. Starting value is 160 (+6 at Power 1). Current HP is tracked on the health bar in %, from 100 to 0. When it reach 0%, caused by taking damage, the player is knocked.

What does weapon attunement do? ›

Once you complete a weapon's quest, you can attune it at the Holo-Shaxx that is holding said weapon. Attunement increases the drop chance of the selected weapon by 50 percent.

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