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Jinx Chapter 21 could be the breaking point for Kim Dan as he finally reaches the point where he would finally break. But given how ruthless Manhwa is, it will find a way for him to preserve his sanity. All that is stopping Kim Dan from going insane is his reluctance to go back on his word. Otherwise, he would break down.

It is also the lack of self-esteem in Kim Dan that adds up to his suffering because if he had some, he wouldn’t have suffered this much. But it is also his misery that attracts the readers to his life. He does not live a good life compared to other BL protagonists by a long shot, but his different life also makes him memorable.

However, things are too extreme for him to the point one can’t help but feel pity for him. Take away the scenes, and people would think of him as a protagonist that needs to get his life together and pray that it gets better. But given how things have been with him, it isn’t likely that they will ever change for the better.


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Perhaps the story of Jinx is also a highlight as to how things are in the genre as well since they mostly devolve into the same status quo. Jinx might have taken a direct approach to that matter, but it is also because that reader can’t help but want things to change for the better, even if just a little.

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Jinx Chapter 21: The Slow Tragedy So Far

The events leading up to Jinx Chapter 21 have been a rollercoaster but not in a good way. In a sense, it is a little nauseating. Sure, some moments gave hope for a better tomorrow, though none of it matters. And looking at hindsight, it makes one wonder if there could have been something more.

However, all that is meaningless since all the events ended up the same way. It might even be wise at this point to stop expecting things to get any better in the future for the better. However, the story has done its job (or damage, if you may), and curiosity beckons us to learn what will become of Kim Dan.

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Moreover, it does seem like things will change forever, given the events that took in the recent chapters. First, we saw Kim Dan having to move in with Jaekyung, and then we finally saw him having his mind broken by all of which that has been happening to it.

It will be a dark twist if it turns out that all the bad things that have been happening recently are caused by the mechanization of Jaekyung. But he doesn’t seem the type to move things at will so that he can get laid with Kim. And the story has shown over and over again that he is an impulsive guy that does things for the moment.

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Jinx Chapter 21: What to Expect?

Jinx Chapter 21 will finally be the moment we have been waiting for, and it will shape the way the stories ahead will come. If the call for the hospital turns out to be an urgent one, then there will be a change for the worse, and Kim Dan might lose his will to live. However, that won’t do; instead, we are very likely to see him continue his agreement with Jaekyung.

Kim is not an assertive person by any means and lives for the sake of others, and since he doesn’t have many people, he will do whatever he can for his grandma and her hospital bills. He is out of debt thanks to Jaekyung, so he has no reason to ever leave him. Moreover, it is also clear that Kim is not financially minded.

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If he were, he would have made much better decisions regarding the money and done things in proper order to ensure that he won’t get into debt. And given his impulse to make the poor decision to save his grandmother, he will be once again faced with a tough choice. A choice where he will be forced to accept his circ*mstances. Whatever the case may be, we will learn about it when it comes out on Lezhin Comics.

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Jinx Chapter 21: Kim Dan's Last Human - OtakuKart (2024)
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