Top Cinemas in Faisalabad (2024)

Cinemas in Faisalabad have played a significant role in fostering the growth and development of the Pakistan Film Industry. They have served as vital platforms that entertain people with diverse movie content. A pivotal moment for the cinema industry came in 2008 when the government lifted the of foreign movies enabling them to thrive and attract a broader audience.

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The development ensured the stability of existing cinemas and created opportunities to establish new ones. Faisalabad witnessed the emergence of several cinemas, contributing to the cultural and entertainment landscape of the city. has prepared a comprehensive list of cinemas located in Faisalabad, showcasing the diverse options available for moviegoers in the city.

List of Top Cinemas in Faisalabad

Top Cinemas in Faisalabad (1)

The following is the list of cinemas in Faisalabad:

CinemaAddressContactTicket Prices (2D/3D)
Cinepax Cinema99/C, Block C People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Punjab0334 9246372650/750 rupees
Cineone 3D CinemaC468+X2X، Third Floor Kohinoor One Plaza, Jaranwala Rd, Kohinoor City, Faisalabad, Punjab+92 418501904480/750 rupees
Taj Mahal Multi ComplexRailway Rd, Saddar, Faisalabad, Punjab+92 412634444450/650 rupees
Nagina CinemaIkhlas Street، Off MA Jinnah Rd, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000(041) 2614444Varies

Taj Mahal Multiplex

Top Cinemas in Faisalabad (2)

Taj Mahal Multiplex is a famous cinema located at railway Rd, Saddar, Faisalabad, Punjab. Its three large screens offer a diverse selection of movies for the audience. The cinema operates with three show timings: the first show starts from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the second show from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, and the third show from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

With a seating capacity of 230 people, the Taj Mahal Multiplex provides a comfortable and enjoyable movie-watching experience. The ticket prices for a 2D movie are 450 rupees, while for a 3D movie, it is 650 rupees. It has established itself as one of the exceptional entertainment destinations in Faisalabad.

Cineone 3D Cinema

Top Cinemas in Faisalabad (3)

Cineone 3D Cinema is a modern and state-of-the-art cinema situated on the 1st floor of Kohinoor on Jaranwala bypass, Faisalabad. With a spacious seating capacity of 600 people, Cineone offers a wide variety of movies for the audience to enjoy.

The cinema boasts the latest facilities and technologies, ensuring a captivating movie experience. Cineone operates from 11:00 AM to midnight, providing ample opportunities for moviegoers to catch their favourite films. The ticket prices for a 2D movie are 480 rupees, while for a 3D movie, it is 750 rupees. It has quickly become a popular choice among cinephiles in Faisalabad.

Nagina Cinema

Top Cinemas in Faisalabad (4)

Nagina Cinema, on MA Jinnah Road, Faisalabad, is a contemporary cinema known for its updated facilities and top-notch sound system. It offers a high-definition 3D display, allowing movie enthusiasts to enjoy films of exceptional quality. With its seating capacity of 270 people, Nagina Cinema provides an intimate and immersive movie-watching experience.

The cinema opens at noon and operates till midnight, catering to both matinee and evening shows. It has gained popularity as a go-to destination for watching movies in high-quality display, making it an ideal choice for weekend outings with loved ones. Nagina Cinema also offers children’s tickets, ensuring entertainment for the whole family.

Cinepax Cinema

Top Cinemas in Faisalabad (5)

Cinepax Cinema is a well-established cinema located inPeople’s Colony Faisalabad. It features three beautifully decorated and spacious halls, providing a family-oriented environment for moviegoers. With a seating capacity of 270 people, Cinepax Cinema offers a wide range of movie options for the audience to enjoy.

The cinema opens at 9:00 AM and remains open until midnight, accommodating various show timings. The ticket prices for a 2D movie are 650 rupees, while for a 3D movie, it is 750 rupees. Cinepax Cinema has significantly contributed to the cultural value and entertainment scene in Faisalabad.


What are some popular cinemas in Faisalabad?

Some popular cinemas in Faisalabad include Cinepax Cinema, Cineone 3D Cinema, Taj Mahal Multiplex, Nagina Cinema, and Minerva Cinema.

What types of movies are shown in these cinemas?

These cinemas showcase a variety of movies, including those from Hollywood and Lollywood (Pakistani film industry).

What are the ticket prices for movies in Faisalabad cinemas?

Ticket prices may vary depending on the cinema and movie format (2D or 3D). The prices range from approximately 450 to 750 rupees.

Do these cinemas offer online ticket booking?

While specific details may vary, many cinemas in Faisalabad provide the convenience of online ticket booking. It is advisable to check the respective cinema’s website or contact them directly for the most accurate information.

What are the operating hours of cinemas in Faisalabad?

The operating hours of cinemas typically vary, with most opening in the morning or early afternoon and closing at midnight. However, it is recommended to check the specific show timings of the cinema you plan to visit as they may have different schedules.

Are there any special discounts or offers available for movie tickets?

Cinemas occasionally introduce special discounts or offers, such as student discounts, promotional packages, or special screenings. It is advisable to check with the respective cinema or their official website for any ongoing promotions.

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Top Cinemas in Faisalabad (2024)


Which is the largest cinema screen in Pakistan? ›

Cinepax located in Packages Mall, Lahore, caters to all age demographics. Adults can enjoy the platinum halls, movie fans can view the biggest blockbusters in the C-Max screen, the biggest screen in the country, and to consider a special add-on, now kids have their own space called Minipax!

What is the most luxurious cinema? ›

Cinepolis Luxury Cinema, USA

Among the several expensive luxury cinemas in the world, Cinepolis stands out as the pinnacle of modern splendour. Visitors to the huge auditoriums can enjoy their movies while reclining in luxurious leather seats, basking in an experience that redefines comfort.

What is the speciality of Faisalabad? ›

Faisalabad has the distinction of being a seat of world famous Agricultural University and equally renowned Agricultural Ayub Research Institute besides Punjab Medical College.

Who is the king of Pakistani film industry? ›

Armaghan Shahid PP (Urdu: ارمُغان شاہِد; born 27 April 1971), better known by his stage names Shaan Shahid (Urdu: شان شاہِد) or Shaan, is a Pakistani actor, producer, model, screewriter and director. Shaan has established himself as one of the most popular leading actors of Pakistan.

Which is the Pakistani world record movie? ›

The Legend of Maula Jatt is the highest-grossing film of all time in Pakistan, and it was released in October 2022.

What is the most beautiful cinema? ›

The Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam is most likely the most beautiful art-nouveau cinema in the world! And I am not the only one who is convinced of this as Time Out Magazine elected cinema Pathé Tuschinski the most beautiful cinema in the world in February 2021!

Which caste is Faisalabad? ›

The main tribes and castes which are settled in Faisalabad division are Jatt, Arain, Gujjar, Rajput, Mughal, Syed, Pathan, Balochi, Bhatti, Awan and Kashmiri. Before the creation of Pakistan there was a difference between locals and settlers. Afterward, Faisalabad division was molded with the arrival of Mahajreen.

Which city of Pakistan is called Switzerland? ›

Swat valley is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. This name was given by queen Elizabeth 2 in 1960s when she visited it.

Which cinema has the biggest screen? ›

While the biggest cinema screen in the world, the Traumplast Leonberg IMAX in Germany, measures 8,770 square feet. Aronofsky revealed the first look inside The Sphere in an Instagram post, with a caption detailing its cutting-edge specs.

What is the biggest movie screen? ›

Also, the rows of seats are set at a steep angle (up to 30° in some domed theatres) so that the audience is facing the screen directly. The world's largest IMAX screen currently stands in Leonberg near Stuttgart, Germany and measures 38 by 22 m (125 by 72 ft).

Which is the largest movie screen in Asia? ›

The "Prasads IMAX" located in Hyderabad, India, is considered the largest IMAX 3D theater screen in Asia. It is a popular destination for moviegoers and has been recognized as one of the largest and technologically advanced theaters in the world.

How many cinemas are there in Pakistan? ›

Number of cinema houses in across Pakistan shrinks to 135.

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