UFL 2024 Season XFL Conference Championship Game Preview: San Antonio Brahmas at St. Louis Battlehawks (2024)

The UFL's conference title game weekend concludes on Sunday with the XFL Championship game between the San Antonio Brahmas (7-3) and the St. Louis Battlehawks (7-3). These two teams played each other last week, with the Battlehawks squeaking by with a low-scoring 13-12 win over the Brahmas after a Battlehawks super challenge called back a two-point conversion by San Antonio.

San Antonio enters the game with plenty of momentum on defense, but a lot of questions on offense. Those questions include whether Chase Garbers or Quinten Dormady will play at quarterback. Even the running back position has uncertainty, as Anthony McFarland Jr. has been in and out of the lineup with injuries and is questionable.

St. Louis was happy to have quarterback A.J. McCarron back from injury, but he completed less than 50% of his passes last week, leaving his health in question. This is a Battlehawks team that has limped into the playoffs as they secured a home playoff game.

Game Information

Line: Battlehawks -3, O/U 44

Date/Location: Sunday, June 9, 2024, at The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri

Kickoff Time: 7:00 pm EST

Weather Forecast: N/A

TV/Streaming: Fox, Fox Sports App

Injury Report/Inactives

The Brahmas have some concerns in the secondary as they will be without A.J. Hendy (left hamstring) who is fourth on the team in tackles (37) and BoPete Keyes (illness). Garbers reinjured his wrist in last week’s game and is listed as questionable. McFarland (right shoulder) and defensive tackle Jaylen Twyman (left ankle) are both also questionable with injuries.

San Antonio Brahmas (at St. Louis Battlehawks) XFL Conference Championship Inactives:

#17 RB Pooka Williams Jr.
#29 DB A.J. Hendy
#32 CB BoPete Keyes
#44 OLB Zach Morton
#50 T Julién Davenport
#53 DT Trevon Coley
#81 WR Kade Warner#UFL Game Center: https://t.co/OvZAf7v3Mx pic.twitter.com/3LtCjBN7SM

— UFL Communications Department (@UFL_PR) June 8, 2024

On the Battlehawks side, recently-named UFL Special Teams Player of the Year Chris Garrett (concussion) and wide receiver Jerome Kapp (left hamstring) will not be playing in the conference title matchup. The only other question is starting free safety Qwynnterrio Cole, who is dealing with a left ankle injury.

St. Louis Battlehawks (vs San Antonio Brahmas) XFL Conference Championship Inactives:

#13 WR Jeff Thomas
#48 SLB Chris Garrett
#50 T Teton Saltes
#62 G Abdul Beecham
#85 WR Jerome Kapp
#96 DT Kobe Smith#UFL Game Center: https://t.co/OvZAf7v3Mx pic.twitter.com/ZybpLLvvwn

— UFL Communications Department (@UFL_PR) June 8, 2024

Roster Lineup Updates

Depth charts have not been released for the game, but some positions to monitor for San Antonio are quarterback and running back. If Garbers can’t go for the Brahmas, Dormady will be the man under center. John Lovett was listed as probable so he should be good to play, with Morgan Ellison the other running back.

St. Louis wide receiver Marcel Ateman was not listed on the depth chart last week while dealing with a right hamstring injury, but he should be back and good to play. If Cole can't go, it will be Dravon Askew-Henry stepping in his place again.

Keys to Victory

Pressure, pressure and more pressure from the front seven of the Brahmas will be key to throwing McCarron off as he remains in the pocket with his ankle injury. The hope is McFarland can play so he and Lovett can combine forces on the ground, but McFarland is a difference-maker in the passing game as well.

It’s become clear that McCarron is not 100%, leaving St. Louis’ offensive identify no choice but to adapt. Jacob Saylors, the UFL’s second-leading rusher, will be called upon to step up with more carries. St. Louis will lean on the quick screen passes and getting the ball in the hands of playmakers like Jahcour Pearson and UFL Offensive Player of the Year Hakeem Butler.


The two teams are evenly matched and have had one-possession finishes both times they have played. St. Louis has owned the series this year, but last week was not a solid outing from the offense. The Battlehawks need their playmakers to step up and the stellar offensive line to protect McCarron. This should be a cleaner game and one that will take until the zeros hit the clock in the fourth quarter to decide a winner. St. Louis has more weapons on offense, and that could make the difference in this contest.

St. Louis Battlehawks 24, San Antonio Brahmas 21

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UFL 2024 Season XFL Conference Championship Game Preview: San Antonio Brahmas at St. Louis Battlehawks (2024)
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